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50 Clubs and over 350 Teams, Playing just for the FUN of it!! Since 1987
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Welcome to the Official Website of the Suffolk Soccer Interleague, dedicated to the Intramural / Interleague players on Long Island. SSI is proud to extend its services for ALL existing club's in-house programs, by providing fun and safe scrimmages for all soccer players on Long Island.
Welcome to the Spring 2015 Season with SSI & US Club
Suffolk Soccer Interleague (SSI) and US Club Soccer have the largest sanctioned intramural program on Long Island.
All Clubs are welcome to participate in our Program and represent your Club colors.
However, No Registered Competitive  players are allowed to participate in SSI Super Rec matches.
SSI is just an extension of each Club’s existing intramural program.
SSI has been providing players a safe atmosphere and a fun game to play in the community since 1987.
SSI offers two main programs:
Super Rec. for the U8 to U19 along with a development program for the U8,U9 & U10 div.
Adults program from U20 to U24
All players will have picture passes to play in our program

MANDATORY Coaches meeting to review SSI Rules and Procedures and Validate Team Rosters and passcards.

Coaches may attend one of the meetings at the following locations
  • March 10 at  7PM at Elwood Middle school  Auditorium
  • March 12 at 7 PM at West Babylon high school cafeteria
  • March 13 at 7 PM at Sachem  Middle school Sagamore Auditorium.
Coaches must attend meeting or have a team representative present at this meeting AND bring the following in order to receive Team Spring 2015 schedules.
  • Laminated player & coaches passes with current picture on them.  Passcards should not be part of one laminated 8.5X11 sheet but individual laminated passcards.
  • SSI Official  US club roster with Uniform number  listed (example of Roster Heading shown below)
SSI US Club Roster Example

Non-compliant to SSI requirement or Missing any of the required info will result in not receiving your schedule until all items have been corrected.
If anyone has an issue with any of these date MUST e-mail SSI before any of these meetings to make other arrangements.

Please review this information with your coaches prior to this Spring seasons first game
  1. Coaches must present their US Club roster and players picture passes to the referee prior to the start of any SSI match.
  2. Absolutely no players or coaches will be permitted to participate in SSI matches without a laminated picture pass. NO Exceptions- No Excuses
  3. Coaches must report all match results to their Club Coordinator. (This is necessary so that we can place each team in the correct division each season).
  4. Coordinators must place their teams in Major or Minor based on past seasons records.
  5. All games will be reported (such as referees evaluation form on SSI web site)
  6. Five Goal differential rule is still in effect and we will be monitored on a closer basis.
    Team & Coaches violating this rule will be suspended.
  7. All matches as scheduled are to be played.
  8. No game is longer than 2 X 35 min. for any age division
  9. New players added to any roster MUST have passes prior to playing any SSI games.
  10. The U23 (over U19 div) is being offered again this Fall.
  11. US Club registration Over 19 (fee) $25.00 liability insurance + medical insurance. 
  12. SSI Team registration fee & US Club player registration fee is the same as last season.
    A) New Passes will only be released by US Club after registration fee has been received and risk management has been done.
  13. Coaches must carry the short version of the rules(Updated) with them at all times.
  14. No sliding at all.
  15. Play stops for any injury, player must come off.
  16. Under NO circumstances is a Competitive Travel player allowed to participate in any SSI matches.
  17. Any Club not following SSI & US Club procedures will be placed on probation.

Please review this information with your referees prior to this Spring season opening games.

  • All teams participating in Suffolk Soccer Interleague /US Club scheduled Games / scrimmages must present a roster and laminated pictured player passes to the referee prior to the start of every match.
  • Absolutely no players or coaches are permitted to participate in any SSI Matches if they do not possess a pass card. NO EXCEPTIONS – NO EXCUSES
  • The referee will hold roster/passes until the end of the match at which time the passes and roster will be returned to the coaches.  Each coach will received the other team’s roster, (Roster Exchange)
  • Two man system for the U15 and older is a requirement, not optional. See minutes of Nov 19,2008 Presidents Meeting. 
All rules are to be enforced as in prior years, the only addition is this new required check-in procedure
SSI Incident Report:
In the event of a Player OR Coach is carded(Yellow or Red), the referee must file an SSI Game Evaluation/Incident Report within 48 hours of the Match completion. (As per form on Web site)
This report should list the Date and Place of match, Team name, Name of individual being carded(player or coach), pass # , age group
Incident report goes directly to SSI from web site then SSI will send out to both clubs.
Hopefully this will help us to better track all misconducts

NOTE: Any problem is considered an incident, please fill out the form and send it in

 REMINDER: Teams (and their spectators) must occupy opposite sidelines from their opponents.
SSI is looking for any experienced Referees
that would want to Referee some Interleague games this season. All you have to do is contact SSI and attend the SSI Certification class to review SSI vs FIFA rules. Referees must be at least 16 years old.
For more information contact SSI ssinterleague@optonline.net

Help Us, Help You!!

In order to make this Website useful to all that use it, please help SSI update our records.  We are looking to keep the information on this website up to date and current, we need to updated directions to fields, website addresses, and email address for your club.  Can all club Coordinator's review all information on their club and email updated information to: ssinterleague@optonline.net


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