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  Please review this information with your coaches prior to this Spring seasons first game
1. Coaches must present their US Club roster and players picture passes to the referee prior to the start of any SSI match.
2. Absolutely no players or coaches will be permitted to participate in SSI matches without a laminated picture pass. NO Exceptions- No Excuses
3. Coaches must report all match results to their Club Coordinator. (This is necessary so that we can place each team in the correct division each season).
4. Coordinators must place their teams in Major or Minor based on past seasons records. 5. All games will be reported (such as referees evaluation form on SSI web site)
6. Five Goal differential rule is still in effect and we will be monitored on a closer basis.
Team & Coaches violating this rule will be suspended.
7. All matches as scheduled are to be played.
8. No game is longer than 2 X 35 min. for any age division
9. New players added to any roster MUST have passes prior to playing any SSI games.
10. The U23 (over U19 div) is being offered again this Fall.
11. US Club registration Over 19 (fee) $25.00 liability insurance + medical insurance.
12. SSI Team registration fee & US Club player registration fee is the same as last season.
A) New Passes will only be released by US Club after registration fee has been received and risk management has been done.
13. Coaches must carry the short version of the rules(Updated) with them at all times.
14. No sliding at all.
15. Play stops for any injury, player must come off.
16. Under NO circumstances is a Competitive Travel player allowed to participate in any SSI matches.
17. Any Club not following SSI & US Club procedures will be placed on probation.

NEW Game Cancellation Procedures

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