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All Club Presidents
  Subsequent to the May 13, 2009 Presidents Meeting, a copy of the Meeting Minutes went out to you and the Club Coordinators.
Game cancelled at last minute, team cancelling will be fined as per minutes to pay for referees.
Games not made up will also be fined and or placed on probation.
Incident report goes directly to SSI from web site then SSI will send out to both clubs.
All injuries, must be filled out same day to US Club and SSI. Use the form on US Club web site or Bollinger’s web site

All U-15 and older MUST have two adult referees as per minutes. Games should not be played without the proper supervision of sanctioned personnel (coaches or asst coaches with passcards)

Please advise your members NOT to make assumptions when playing any SSI games. If there are any questions, direct them to the Club Coordinators and if questions still remain, ask them of SSI.

Your continued support is appreciated.

Please be advised that all procedures and guidelines are to be followed. Any violations or abuse of the rules will cause your Club to be put on probation and/or fined.

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