SSI Referee Evaluation Report

Suffolk Soccer Interleague Coaches evaluate the referees that officiated your game.
The report will be sent to Suffolk Soccer Interleague.  Submit one report/game

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Number of Referees that officiated this game:*    
There were no assigned refs at this game. (Asst coaches or Parents were called upon to ref the game)
There was one referee and no linesmen.
There was one referee and two parent linesmen.
2 Man System (Two assigned Referess)
3 Man System  (Three assigned Referees, One Center Ref plus two Assistant Refs)

Were the referees the appropriate age for the division:*     NoYes 

Did the Referees arrive on time: *     NoYes 

Did the Referees collect Team Rosters and check passcards: *     NoYes 

Did the Referee recite the Sportmanship Declaration during check-in to the players: *     NoYes 

Evaluation of Referees

Attitude Towards Players  

Attitude Towards Coaches

Attitude Towards Spectators  


Knowledge of the Rules

Field Position

Game Control

Referee's Appearance


If there were any Yellow/Red Cards, Significant injuries or other incidents during this game please also submit an SSI Game Evaluation/Incident Report.