Suffolk Soccer Interleague

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To join the Suffolk Soccer Inter League

1) Must not have an existing club from your community in the league.
2) Have a Copy of your non-profit status.
3) Have a Copy of your Home Field permit.
4) Need 3 referrals mailed in directly to the league.
4) Have a Min 3 Teams to register and must have the min. players in order to be a valid team.
6) Approval by the S.S.I Registration committee.
Once approved, you need the following to register your Teams:
1) Bond fee $300
2) Team registration is $100 per team
4) Club annual administration fee $100.00
5) Late registration is $150.00 per team after deadline
6) All Team must meet the min requirement in order to register them
7) Need to have an account with US Club Soccer under S.S.I
8) All players must have an approved US Club pass card
9) Referee Fees are paid on the field and before game time (varies per team)
10) President Must be in 90% of the President meeting
11) Coaches & Coordinators must attend meeting
12) Send an email to: or Click Here to Contact the League President
and learn about the League procedure, Modified F.I.F.A Rules - Fees - Do's and Don'ts

How to contact U.S Club Soccer
1) Contact The U.S.C.S Administrator Karla Dalton Phone: 843-429-0006 Ext. 316 or Email: To have an account setup for you or click Here to create an account online in KYCK Play

2) Once your U.S.C.S account is setup, click Here to get instructions on how to use the KYCK Play site.

3) Once you have entered your teams in KYCK Play, come back to this web site and click on "Register" to create an account and register the Teams you want to participate in games.

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